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Necklace NL17-0811RG
Necklace rose gold chain with rose gold leaf pendant   ..
Necklace NL20-0936G
Necklace gold with pendant - leaf (10x5 cm)   ..
Necklace NL20-0936S
Necklace silver with pendant - leaf (10x5 cm)   ..
Necklace NL20-0937
Necklace black with colored rhinestones    ..
Brooch BRP19-1861
Brooch - maple leaves (5x4 cm)    ..
Earrings ER19-0718
Earrings wood dangle -beige (8x2.5 cm) ..
Earrings ER19-0811B
Earrings dangle black - leaves (7.8x4.2 cm) ..
Earrings ER19-0811G
Earrings dangle gold - leaves (7.8x4.2 cm) ..
Earrings ER19-0811S
Earrings dangle silver - leaves (7.8x4.2 cm) ..
Earrings ER19-0816S
Earrings dangle-silver (8x3 cm) ..
Earrings ER19-0818B
Earrings lightweight rose gold/black - leaves (5.5x3 cm) ..
Earrings ER19-0818S
Earrings lightweight silver/gold - leaves (5.5x3 cm) ..
Earrings ER19-0824G
Earrings dangle-gold (6x3.5 cm) ..
Earrings ER19-0826S
Earrings dangle-silver (9x4.5 cm) ..
Earrings ER19-0871RGS
Earrings dangle rose gold/silver - leaves  (5x2.5 cm) ..
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