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Bracelet BR18-0616
Leather bracelet with metal studs (12 pcs/pack) asstd design   ..
Necklace NL-07953
Necklace silver with rhinestones- Key (2x4 cm) ..
Necklace NL-07991
Necklace with Teddy Bear pendant - silver (5x5 cm) ..
Necklace NL-07992G
Necklace with sail boat pendant - gold (2.5x2.5 cm) ..
Necklace NL-07992S
Necklace with sail boat pendant - silver (2.5x2.5 cm) ..
Necklace NL-07993
Necklace with ribbon pendant - silver (1.75x2.5 cm) ..
Necklace NL-07994
Necklace with ribbon pendant - silver (3.5x2 cm) ..
Necklace NL-07995
Necklace with boy & girl pendant - silver (2.5x3 cm) ..
Necklace NL-08006
Necklace, silver key pendant (10x2cm)    ..
Necklace NL-08007
Necklace, silver chain bee pendant (2x3.5cm)    ..
Necklace NL-1011
Necklace, strawberry pendant with colored rhinestones (2x3 cm) S-silver   G-g..
Necklace NL-1182F
Necklace silver with tree pendant  (3x2 cm) ..
Necklace NL-E86
Necklace silver with hot chili pendant  (1.5x5 cm) ..
Necklace NL18-0845
Necklace silver with rhinestones - key   ..
Necklace NL18-0856
Necklace silver - tree of life (55mm)   ..
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