Dangle-Animals/Skulls/Cross etc

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Earrings 1120-J
Earrings stud silver with rhinestones 3x2 cm ..
Earrings 1120-N
Earrings stud silver with rhinestones  ..
Earrings ER-7425A
Dangle Earrings (Owl) Silver 3.5x1.5 cm     ..
Earrings ER19-0228
Earrings dangle silver - owl (1.7x1 cm)   ..
Earrings ER19-0239
Earrings dangle silver - bird (3x2 cm)   ..
Earrings ER19-0240
Earrings dangle silver- butterfly(3x2.5 cm) ..
Earrings ER19-0243
Earrings dangle silver- owl (1.7x1.5 cm)   ..
Earrings ER19-0250
Earrings dangle silver- owl    ..
Earrings ER19-0252
Earrings dangle silver - hamsa (3x2.2 cm)   ..
Earrings ER19-0253
Earrings dangle silver - moon/star (2x1.5 cm)   ..
Earrings ER19-0255
Earrings dangle gold - cross (1.5x1 cm)   ..
Earrings ER19-0256
Earrings dangle gold  (2.2x1 cm)   ..
Earrings ER19-0258
Earrings dangle silver - feather (1.5x0.5 cm)   ..
Earrings ER19-0307
Earrings dangle two layers black and metallic silver - cross (4 cm)   ..
Earrings ER19-0801
Earrings metal green - Leaf  (5x5.5 cm)   ..
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