Dangle - with rhinestones

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Earrings ER18-0438
Earrings dangle with rhinestones (2.2x1.7 cm)  S-Silver   G-Gold ..
Earrings ER18-0439RG
Earrings dangle rose gold with rhinestones (2x1.5 cm) ..
Earrings ER18-0439S
Earrings dangle silver with rhinestones (2x1.5 cm) ..
Earrings ER18-0440RG
Earrings dangle rose gold with rhinestones (2x1 cm) ..
Earrings ER18-0440S
Earrings dangle silver with rhinestones-cross (2x1 cm) ..
Earrings ER18-0441
Dangle earrings silver with pearls & rhinestones (3.25 cm) ..
Earrings ER18-0511
Earrings dangle silver with rhinestones  - wings (6 cm long) ..
Earrings ER18-0512
Dangle silver with pearls & rhinestones (5cm long) ..
Earrings ER18-0513
Earrings dangle silver with rhinestones (9.5cm long) ..
Earrings ER18-0514
Earrings dangle double-sided silver with pearl & rhinestones (9 cm long) ..
Earrings ER18-0520G
Earrimgs dangle gold with pearl & rhinestones (3 cm long) ..
Earrings ER18-0520S
Earrings dangle silver with pearl & rhinestones (3 cm long) ..
Earrings ER18-81119
Earrings dangle with rhinestones (1x3 cm) ..
Earrings ER-AI00096
Earrings silver with clear rhinestones (18mm)       ..
Earrings ER16-7127
Earrings dangle silver with rhinestones (5X2.5 cm) ..
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