Dangle - with rhinestones

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Earring ER15-1596A
Earrings chandelier gold with dark blue rhinestones 7 cm long ..
Earring ER15-1596B
Earrings gold with emerald green rhinestones 7 cm long ..
Earring ER15-1596C
Earrings gold with lt. topaz rhinestones 7 cm long ..
Earring ER15-1597B
Earrings dangle silver with clear rhinestones 5 cm long ..
Earring ER15-1597C
Earrings dangle silver with topaz rhinestones 5 cm long ..
Earring ER15-1597F
Earrings dangle silver with green rhinestones 5 cm long ..
Earring ER15-1598A
Earrings dangle silver with clear/Lt. turquoise rhinestones 4 cm long ..
Earring ER15-1598D
Earrings dangle silver with clear/green rhinestones 4 cm long ..
Earring ER15-1598G
Earrings dangle silver with clear/topaz rhinestones 4 cm long ..
Earring ER15-5548
Dangle Earring gold w/ multicolored rhinestones ..
Earring ER15-7480
Earring gold with colored rhinestones - 5.5 cm long ..
Earrings ER-6053
Dangle Earring silver with rhinestones (6.5 cm long) ..
Earrings ER-6255
Dangle Earrings w/ Rhinestones ..
Earrings ER-6257
Dangle Earrings w/ Rhinestones (6 cm long) ..
Earrings ER-6287
Dangle Earrings w/ Rhinestones (7 cm long)   ..
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